Happy Thanksgiving

2014-11-26 17.57.45

Now that’s what I am talking about.

The day before Thanksgiving, I am preparing for our family dinner tomorrow. I love holiday eves. There is always so much to do, but there is such a sweet sense of anticipation. Today is about polishing silver, checking my menu, setting a pretty table, pulling out my serving dishes and utensils, unearthing candles and candlesticks and creating a centerpiece. Tonight I will make my two pies, Derby and pumpkin.

On Thanksgiving, I feel (as did my mother, naturally) everyone should make an attempt to look nice, a cut above the everyday. We live in such informal times. Take an extra 10 minutes and put on something a bit better than jeans. Nicer attire elevates the day and makes it special and different, more memorable — clearly festive. SueG would approve.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. For you, and in honor of your uniquely amazing mom, and our old neighborhood, and the wonders of FB keeping us in touch in this weird yet wonderful way, I will wear something other than jeans tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration – your blog is a lifeline lately, loving every single post. Hope the extended weekend is everything you could hope for. Hugs to all of you and any family you might see!


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